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american horror story – coven
tv serie on FX

So what’s American Horror Story? it’s a mini serie on FX. The 1st season was about a haunting house, 2nd season an insane asylum and the 3th new season is about witches and voodoo.

This post is about the 3th season Coven. I was on a ‘witch’ haunt myself, looking for black clothing that reflect the characters. Course they aren’t always wearing black clothes, the black fits with this theme and kind of gives you the feeling of the series… it’s filmed really dark and looks amazing. About the characters: Fiona is the ‘supreme’ witch that loves to wear high end stuff, living this jetset life (or actually ‘lived’), and then you have her daughter Cordelia who doesn’t really care about luxury and just want’s to start a family, still looking sophisticated all the time. The four young witches that live in the house are: Zoe, Madison, Nan and Queenie. Each are so different from each other. Zoe is the new girl, her style simple yet fashionable. Madison is a superstar, dressed to impress wearing high killer heels and sexy ensembles. Nan, is the sweet girl who never wears anything exciting. Queenie, a plus-size girl that’s very though, and wearing thigh clothes whenever she wants.

Well, this will do it for right now. There are more characters on the show, i can’t put them all in one post so keep on a lookout for more.




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