artwork to save lives.

Hi wonderful readers.

Have you guys heard about the dolphins slaughter in Taiji, Japan?
It’s an annual dolphin hunt that takes place in Taiji every year
from September – April. They say it’s a ‘tradition’ and they use the meat
for human consumption (which is bad for you, the meat is high on mercury!).
First of all if tradition was going on right now there would have
been cannibals or slaves around, so ‘tradition’ doesn’t justify this.
Second this is wrong on many levels, Taiji fishermen/hunters confuse
the poor Dolphins by banging metal poles on the side of their boats
and then herd them into the cove before massacring them with knives,
spears and harpoons. An endless butchery during months ! The young
dolphins are sharply captured while their mothers are slaughtered!
I’m not a dolphin lover nor hater, but the way that these poor animals
are being killed hit my hard in the heart. See it for yourself,
watch the award-winning documentary ‘The Cove‘  and get educated.
I saw this 1 year ago and i can’t believe this is STILL happening?
It’s 2014 guys, come on! Reason for myself to get involved with it.

Because i’m far far away from Taiji, Japan and unable to fly over and
protest along with others i thought of something else… i can use my skills
to show my support. Here are the results, and yes… expect more from me
because i won’t stop till the slaughters stop.

* Artwork inspired by JAWS


* “Great men are not born great, they grow great . . .” Stand up Japan and do something!


* The blood is coming for the dolphins

poster_Faroe Islands

* Let’s not forget the Faroe Islands! Click here to see the disturbing things they celebrate.


Please help and sign the petition at TakePart

Show your support and Tweet with:
#Tweet4Taiji #helpcovedolphins #thecove

‘Until they can defend themselves, we will do it for them’ – Sea Shepherd


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