robocop on the spot.


I’ll keep this review short, sweet and spoiler-free. Ok so. When i heard RoboCop was coming out, i was thrilled! I didn’t like the old ones, but with the technology of now… we could make the robots look very awesome. And the story line? oh well, we’ll see. I didn’t expect much of that, just let it happen (that was my thought).

What a nice surprise it was! That’s the thing when you go and watch a movie you don’t expect a lot from… it can only get better, and it did! Not going to spoil it for you guys, i’ll just say that the timing was just about right. The transition from human to ‘robot’ was perfect, not too much nor too little. I expected a lot of shooting, boring’ness’ and some nice looking bots. Well, there was shooting of course, but not too much… the story wasn’t great but definitely not boring. Because it was also a ‘family matter’ i got a little emotional, what? girls love that stuff! The RoboCop suit looks amazing, i love that it was all black. Very stylish. What? i couldn’t help but notice. The other bots, looked fine, it wasn’t ‘pacific-rim’ish but worked for me. One of the good things of the movie is also that it was not too ‘futuristic’ nor too oldskool… it was very humane and gets you thinking…

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My RoboCop drawing.

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