Nachtkastjes concert

ClassicNL is a dutch radio station that plays relaxing classic music non-stop.

The problem:
Most of us can’t put our phone down before bedtime. Screen time before bed interferes with the quality of your sleep.

Publicis One creatives Lennart & Richard came up with a brilliant idea for those who can’t put their phone down before bed.
A hologram concert by the famous dutch Van Baerle Trio that turns the device that keeps us awake in the evening, into a live little concert to calm us down. Several studies show that 45 minutes of classical music effectively improves our quality of sleep. Listen to the Nightstand Concert (“Nachtkastjes concert” in dutch) at

My Job:
Creating a logo for the campaign. First i searched for classical fonts (for reference). I created a font with a classical feeling and gave it an modern twist. It was also important to add elements that are linked to anything classical music, the “rest note” was the perfect symbol to start with, followed by organic forms to create a relaxing feel.

ClientClassicNLServicesLogo DesignYear2019